Temporary Fencing


Temporary Fencing in Wellington & Manawatu

All Area Scaffolding is all about improving safety, and this is why we have broadened our range of services to include temporary fencing in Wellington, Manawatu and Kāpiti Coast. This type of fencing is an affordable way to design a space as well as restrict access to areas. It is helpful for events like concerts, sports and games, as well as at construction sites. Besides, these fences also function as safety barriers, protecting the public in areas where hazards abound, like slopes, cliffs or holes.

We can install temporary fencing at your event or building site, complete with rubber feet and bracing that make the mechanism stable, even on uneven terrain. Our specialists have New Zealand certifications and are experienced in installing scaffolding, safety netting and other related services.

If you are looking to hire temporary fencing for your next project, contact us. We can design and plan temp fencing and any other measures needed to keep your staff and site safe.

Temporary fencing is ideal security for scenarios like:

Community events
Construction sites
Sporting events
Traffic control