Shrink Wrap


Construction Shrink Wrap in Wellington & Manawatu

Shrink wrapping your construction site offers a number of benefits. It helps you contain the dust and debris produced during the construction or renovation process, protect the building from the elements, and also prevent unauthorised access to the structure. At All Area Scaffolding, this is another service we offer, in our efforts to help protect construction sites around the Wellington, Manawatu and Kāpiti Coast regions.

Wrapping your building ensures no dust, water, paint fumes or other pollutants leave the work site and harm others living or working in the area. Our team of certified specialists can weld and secure the wrapping so that it stays tight and does not flap in the wind. We go above and beyond the safety recommendations when it comes to working with different kinds of scaffolding, and our crew is trained to maintain all the standards for scaffolding work in New Zealand and Australia. For more information about these guidelines, head to our Resources section.

Shrink wrapping is best utilised in conjunction with other services like scaffolding and edge protection. We would be happy to look into your specific requirements, and recommend a combination of measures to ensure maximum protection for both your staff and the site itself. Reach out to us today to hire shrink wrap for your building.

Shrink wrap can be used in most scaffolding situations, including:

New and existing homes
Office blocks
Demolition sites
Retail outlets
Industrial complexes