Edge Protection


Edge Protection

Like safety nets, edge protection scaffolding and techniques prevent accidents and ensure objects or materials that accidentally fall off the side don’t harm other workers on the site or bystanders. It is a common way to prevent falls in single-storeyed buildings. While our safety nets are installed horizontally, in roof construction for instance, we can help you secure other areas of your site with edge protection measures.

All Area Scaffolding’s team can install edge protection for a range of construction sites, from homes with gable roofs to multi-storeyed buildings to large commercial construction projects. We understand that factors like the pitch of the roof or the height of a building can affect the type of edge protection measures that need to be put in place. We work throughout the Kāpiti Coast, Wellington and Manawatu regions.

Our installers, who can also install scaffolding, have all the necessary New Zealand certifications as well as the experience of working on a wide range of projects (you can find some of our latest work in our projects section). We maintain stringent quality standards, complying with all safety regulations and industry best practices like New Zealand Standards for scaffolding (AS/NZS 1576). These specialists also conduct weekly checks on the installation to make sure it remains perfect, and to ensure that your staff’s safety is never compromised.

Edge protection can be installed with or without scaffolding. If you are unsure of what is needed for the specific needs of your project and what type of scaffolding to hire, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to advise and install any combination of safety measures for your site, including temporary fencing and construction shrink wrap.