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Tiger Scaffolds is now part of ALL AREA SCAFFOLDING

Tiger Scaffolds is now All Area Scaffolding – Wellington’s premier #1 choice for scaffolding solutions

All Area Scaffolding is excited to welcome Tiger Scaffolds to the team. All Area Scaffolding will be running its Wellington scaffolding operation from Tiger Scaffolds location.

Why Choose All Area Scaffolding

Our team of experts have you covered for everything you need to keep your worksite safe and running smoothly. We can provide Scaffolding, Safety Netting, Temporary Fencing, Shrink Wraps and Edge Protection.

Construction and Maintenance Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding installed in an industrial environment


Safety, efficient planning, and smart execution are essential components in any construction project, but especially more so in large-scale, industrial projects. One way to achieve this is by partnering with a scaffolding company that offers a comprehensive solution throughout the project’s timeline

scaffolding installed on a commercial building


If you are looking for a reliable scaffolding company that delivers safety, high-quality work, and affordable solutions, you are in the right place! We have the skills and the products you need to run your projects.

All Safety and Scaffolding Services

All Area Scaffolding provide top of the line scaffolding, safety nets, and temporary fencing to construction projects throughout Wellington.

scaffolding installed on a construction site


Custom design FIXED and MOBILE scaffolding solutions for any job type and size.

Our scaffolds can be customised to suit the different requirements for roofing, painting, building and maintenance.

safety nets installed on site to protect worker from falls and mishaps

Safety Nets

Fall protection safety nets Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Manawatu area.

All Area Scaffolding offers practical and compliant safety measures with the provision of our trustworthy safety nets.

edge protection installed on the roof of a house to prevent falls

Edge protection

Functional edge protection for all types of scenarios, from multi-story constructions to challenging gable roofs.

All Area Scaffolding provide functional edge protection for all types of scenarios, from multi-story constructions to challenging gable roofs.

shrink wrap installed a construction site to protect it

Shrink Wrap

Weather proof your next project with shrink wrap.

Shrink Wrap enables the structure to be protected against all weather (reducing site downtime) and contains dust, water, paint fumes, and other pollutants.

all area scaffolding displaying their temporary fencing.

Temporary Fencing

For events such as exhibitions, sports events, traffic control, or construction sites.

We offer cost effective temporary fencing solutions that are ideal for construction sites and events. It ensures restricted access and acts as security from any unauthorised visitors.


Frequently Asked Question

What scaffolding services do you provide?
We provide Roof-edge protection, Propping, Shrink wrap enclosures for weather protection or contamination containment, working platforms for tradesman. Our professional service has allowed us to quickly grow to be the premier choice for scaffolding hire in Wellington.
Can I rent scaffolding for home repair, or is it for trades only?
Yes, we hire out scaffold to both DIY’ers and trades. Contact us for more information on the process of scaffold hire in Wellington and in surrounding areas.
Can I just hire scaffolding from you and put it up myself?
Yes, we have a system called “dry-hire”, which means you can hire the scaffolding and install/dismantle yourself. For scaffolding hire in Wellington, call us at 04 213 9885.
What is the difference between steel and aluminium scaffolding?
Aluminium scaffold is lighter in weight in comparison to steel scaffold. It also tends to feel less secure when walking/working on it compared to a steel scaffold which feels more solid/strong because steel scaffolding has a much higher max. load capacity than that of an aluminium scaffold.
What are the advantages of using aluminium scaffolding?
Aluminium being lighter in weight makes it more suitable to be erected on roofs etc to reduce the total load weight, and it is also easier to carry. It is proven that aluminium scaffold reduces install and dismantle times. However, the scaffold once installed has a lower max load capacity in comparison to steel scaffold.
What is ringlock scaffolding?
Ringlock scaffolding is a modular scaffolding system, which makes it quick and easy to erect, alter, and dismantle in comparison to tube and coupler.
What is roof edge protection?
A barrier or system to prevent workers falling from the roof.
To what height can I build a scaffold without the need of a professional scaffolder?
Wellington scaffolding should be 5m high above ground level.
At what height do I need to use a harness?
When installing scaffolds in Wellington and all through NZ, workers must wear a harness wherever there is risk of a fall (ex . 2m from the ground). Take care to use a harness that has the correct length lanyard.
What type of scaffolding do you use?
We use both ringlock scaffolding and tube and coupler systems. We also offer scaffold hire Wellington services for your convenience and safety.
What safety equipment do your scaffolders use?
Harnesses, Hard hats, gloves, safety boots/shoes, High visibility clothing, and in some areas of work, facemasks. These are basic requirements in any Wellington scaffolding companies.
What height do the guardrails need to be?
Guardrails need to be installed approx. 500mm above the platform height, and also approx. 1m above the platform height (+/- 100mm). To ensure the best safety for your workers, give us a call. We supply and deliver the best scaffold hire Wellington service.
What is the maximum height a scaffold can be built to?
The maximum height for steel ringlock scaffolding is 38m before having to consult with an engineer. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for the particular scaffolding you are using first and foremost as different systems, or aluminium have their own safety ratings.
A hanging scaffold is a working platform suspended by cables, cords, or chains. It is often referred to as a special duty scaffold.
It’s a sign used to prevent accidents in potentially dangerous situations that may not be readily apparent.
You can put up a scaffolding on your own property, but please note that you are also responsible for the safety of people who will come close to your scaffolding. You also cannot do anything that will cause public nuisance. For safety, please reach out to us for more information.
Yes. All fall arrest systems need to be inspected and tested periodically. Everything that workers use must be regularly tested, This includes all height safety equipment.
The scaffold must be 300mm away from the wall without having to have guardrails in place.  Check our wide range of Wellington scaffolding services to know more.
We make sure that all scaffolds are built to NZ Scaffolding standards (and manufacturers specifications). We also do a weekly inspection of scaffold to ensure that the integrity of the scaffold is maintained. Scaffolds can move due to weather/earthquakes, or illegally tampered with by non-scaffolders. If the scaffold fails to comply with the inspection standards , the scaffold will be declared unsafe. The person inspecting will remove “scaffold safe” tag , and expose the “scaffold unsafe” tag . Alterations will be made and an inspection will commence afterwards to ensure the scaffold complies. If you are looking for a scaffolding hire in Wellington that offers topmost safety, give us a call.

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