Safety Nets

International standard nets designed to accommodate any building shape or dimension.

Safety Nets

Fall protection safety nets Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Manawatu area.

All Area Scaffolding offers practical and compliant safety measures with the provision of our trustworthy safety nets.

Safety nets are used wherever required around construction projects to provide a catch net for dropped tools or – worst-case scenario – falling workers. 

Generally used for new build construction for the installaton of roof trusses and roofing, safety nets can be installed in most situations where an open void is a hazard.

We use international standard nets designed to accommodate any building shape or dimension, which are constructed from high-grade heavy-duty nylon and are installed by FASET approved qualified installers.

Our safety nets have these features:


Regularly inspected for correct positioning and mounting.


Quick and easy installation bracket system


Regularly inspected for damage


Meet all safety standards


UV protected

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